Branch Selling

Branch Selling Streamlines On- and Off-line Conversions


Improve close rates for branch staff.

Branch Selling build customer trust and enhances in-branch selling effectiveness with an easy-to-use collaboration platform. Using the familiar online environment, Branch Selling prompts bankers and customers to work side-by-side to explore and select best-fit financial solutions.

Using Branch Selling decreases your dependence on individual staff members’ sales skills by ensuring a consistent base level of expertise. With Branch Selling, you know bankers are guiding customers with the most effective selling dialogs available, arriving at consistent and sound recommendations and ensuring the highest levels of compliance. Branch Selling always includes current product and rate information so advice accurate, up-to-date, and consistent.


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Consistent Communications

Branch Selling eliminates inconsistency by building a scripted tool overlaid on the public website. This provides your customers with the same engaging experience whether online in self-service mode or in collaboration with branch and call center personnel.

When working collaboratively with financial service representatives, the consumer never leaves the familiar environment of the public website, viewing the same up-to-date product and rate information in-branch as they see at home. For the financial institution, changes in products or offers are easily communicated to field staff and consistently made available to consumers.

Best Practice Selling

Branch Selling increases the quality and consistency of the sales consultation delivered by front-line financial service representatives. Branch and call center staff leverage Branch Selling’s best practice dialogs to guide consumers through the process of evaluating a financial solution.

Branch Selling includes the ability to capture contact information, schedule follow up activities, deliver personalized emails and rate updates, or send a summary of the products evaluated with relevant supporting collateral. When the consumer is ready, they can take the next step and complete an application in any channel.

Reduce Training Costs

Branch Selling decreases expensive initial and ongoing training with a streamlined system for standardizing the sales process. Once trained on Branch Selling, the same convenient selling process can be used across all product lines without the need for extensive additional training. Branch Selling empowers your agents to deliver real-time, personalized product expertise tailored to the customer’s financial situation.

Increased Branch Traffic

Clients who take advantage of the full suite of CUSTOMERfirst solutions see an added lift in branch traffic from the omnichannel synergy of Leadfusion’s platform. Today, the vast majority of customers who go to the branch to purchase banking products and services have conducted initial research online. CUSTOMERfirst responds to this multi-channel behavior by unifying the customer's online and offline experience and issuing continuing calls to action that encourage customers to come into the branch when ready to convert.