Enterprise Gateway


Automate the consumer’s financial experience.

Leadfusion Enterprise Gateway connects data sources for enhanced Financial Experience Management® (FEM) solutions.  Enterprise Gateway helps you offer an enhanced online experience by bridging the gap between back-office customer data and consumer facing interactive content. By integrating existing data with the Leadfusion FEM suite, Enterprise Gateway lets you realize maximum value from investment in FEM solutions. Along the way, you elevate each customer’s experience by serving up pertinent online interactions at the appropriate point in time.



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Cross System Integration

Enterprise Gateway allows you to extend the functionality of the Leadfusion FEM suite of products by seamlessly connecting to core banking systems, data warehouses, MCIF and other systems in use throughout the enterprise. While customers can use Enterprise Gateway to integrate with virtually any back-end system, pre-built connectors are available for a growing list of systems, including Symitar™ Epysis®.

New Account On-boarding

Account on-boarding is one of the most important opportunities for you to solidify customer relationships. With Enterprise Gateway and Premium Email, Leadfusion seamlessly integrates with your back office systems to register account openings and automatically initiate email-based dialogues for new customers.

Enterprise Gateway allows you to automate successful on-boarding programs that educate customers about new accounts, provide information on associated services, or offer guidance on how to engage in new banking relationships. This timely initiation of on-boarding communication plays a key role in speeding online account activation and improving online enrollment.

Service Activation

Service activation programs help you establish lasting customer relationships. Enterprise Gateway helps you extend and deepen the customer relationship by automating these programs in conjunction with Premium Email communications. For your institution, this means focusing on achieving maximum enrollment, increasing implementation of key account services and improving activation rates for deposit, lending and investment products.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Enterprise Gateway allows you to continuously monitor customer transactional activity and status changes in core banking systems to identify potential opportunities for cross selling or upselling. When combined with Premium Email, Enterprise Gateway then facilitates automatic email communication with customers based on triggering actions or events such as relocation change in employment, marital status, financial conditions or market conditions. Together, these Leadfusion solutions ensure your team can market additional products and services to customers at the most opportune time.