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Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT Accelerates the Path to Purchase for In-Market Consumers

SAN DIEGO (Tuesday, September 19, 2006) – Leadfusion, Inc., an eMarketing software company serving financial service providers since 1995, today announced Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT, a multi-channel software solution used by financial service providers to fulfill consumer requests for electronic information, accelerating the sales cycle for financial products and services and improving customer service.

“Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT addresses the growing need of financial service providers to deliver timely and relevant information via email to consumers who are likely to buy, or are ‘in-market’ for financial services products,” said Sherri Neasham, CEO at Leadfusion. “Consumers expect real-time delivery of key documents and promotional offers, and Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT gives financial service providers the mechanism to do this with an easy to use product that can be quickly set up to run in a lights out environment. It also brings the added benefit of electronically re-engaging with a consumer once they have left their website, branch or call center.”

Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT is designed to send product information; applications and forms; application status; promotional materials; receipt acknowledgments; account reminders or any other type of email-based communication to consumers. Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT provides immediate email delivery of almost any kind of attachment, including Adobe PDFs and Microsoft Office files. Financial service marketers will find Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT a complement to their current CRM systems.

According to The Banking Channel Popularity Contest, an August 2006 Forrester Research study, “When it comes to researching a new product, 47% of consumers prefer to use the web and 35% prefer to visit a branch.” Providing the capability to fulfill consumer requests for information can help improve the customer experience and speed the path to purchase for those that research online. Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT also supports multi-channel operations to fulfill consumer requests that might originate in places like a local branch or within a call center environment.

Customers using Leadfusion CALCULATORS can also use Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT to send results of financial calculations to consumers researching their financial options via email for saving, sharing or printing. Calculator results can also be coupled with promotional offerings related to the topic a consumer is researching so that marketers get another opportunity to reach the consumer once they have left their website and while they are still in-market. Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT also extends past Leadfusion CALCULATORS, allowing requests for information to be submitted by consumers researching financial products and services online elsewhere on a financial services website.

There is significant cost savings to be gained with Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT. It gives marketers the ability to send documents and promotional materials via email, reducing direct mail costs for postage and traditional fulfillment. Having instantaneous email delivery not only improves customer service, but it also reduces the average times for purchase cycles.

Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT is available immediately and enhances the existing Leadfusion product suite: Leadfusion CALCULATORS and Leadfusion EMAIL.

About Leadfusion, Inc.

Leadfusion, Inc. is a privately held eMarketing software company serving financial service providers since 1995. Leadfusion software solutions capture, cultivate and convert online leads that facilitate the sale of financial products and services. Over 250 financial institutions, including 36 of the top 50 banks, two of the top three insurance companies, and two of the top three portals use Leadfusion eMarketing solutions. Formerly known as FinanCenter, the company name was changed in 2005 to Leadfusion to reflect the expertise and focus on online lead conversion. The company has corporate headquarters in San Diego, California and maintains offices in Tucson, Arizona.