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BankXpert Drives Conversions & Branch Productivity

Consumers move across channels and devices:


compare products on web and mobile devices


prefer to open accounts in branch

More Effective Branches

BankXpert® and CU Xpert® improve the three most important drivers of branch effectiveness: customer traffic, in-branch service and engagement, and follow-up. BankXpert uses powerful social media concepts to pivot in-market customers from digital to a personal representative.

BankXpert guarantees a consistent and compliant selling experience, delivered in a collaborative and shared screen environment. Furthermore, BankXpert ensures reliable lead collection and customer follow up for every interaction.

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Best Practice Selling
Reduce Cost
Increased Branch Traffic
Compliant Selling

Best Practice Selling

BankXpert increases the quality and consistency of the sales consultation delivered by front-line financial service representatives. Branch and call center staff leverage BankXpert’s best practice selling dialogs to guide consumers through the process of evaluating options and converting.

BankXpert includes the ability to capture contact information, schedule follow up activities, deliver personalized emails and rate updates, and send summaries of the products evaluated with relevant supporting collateral. These activities are all integrated into the sales dialog which increases sales effectiveness and consistency in sales execution.

Reduce Cost

BankXpert decreases expensive initial and ongoing training expense with a streamlined system for standardizing the sales process. Once trained on BankXpert, the same convenient selling process can be used across all product lines, making every representative an expert in your full product set. BankXpert empowers your staff to deliver real-time, personalized product expertise tailored to the customer’s financial situation.

Increased Branch Traffic

The highest conversion rates come after making a personal connection between a banker and customer. BankXpert and CUSTOMERfirst accelerate this personal connection early in the digital shopping process using proven social media reinforcement strategies. BankXpert’s ability to drive traffic works equally well for branch-based, branch-tethered, and call-center bankers.

Compliant Selling

BankXpert ensures compliance in the selling process by driving the sales dialog and presenting consistent product options across customers, bankers, branches and channels. BankXpert is rule-driven so your product eligibility criteria will be respected in every sales engagement. Rates and other product information is always current for every customer engagement.

BankXpert can log product presentments for an auditable trail of product options presented to customers. BankXpert is one of the best options for gaining both insight and compliance in the P2P selling discussion.