Guided Selling

Help customers make sense of financial products.

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Website need online  advice tools to give customers the financial advice they  desperately  need.

Forrester Research

Accelerate the path to conversion.

Leadfusion Guided Selling™ addresses the needs of consumers who have completed their initial research and are ready to compare financial product options. Whether self-servicing online or collaborating with branch and call center professionals, customers interacting with Guided Selling receive helpful product guidance they need to speed the path to purchase.

Leadfusion’s Guided Selling provides a standard platform for your financial institution to integrate your unique best sales practices onto the corporate website. Guided Selling brings together in one place, researching tools, educational content and product information to help financial consumers self-select the product that is right for them.

By combining successful self-selling techniques with the latest Web 2.0 functionality and online interactivity, Guided Selling helps make your web channel a destination for consumers seeking relevant product recommendations across lines of business.

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Best of Class Consultative Selling
Data-Driven Recommendations
Multiple Lines of Business
Responsive, Configurable & Accessible

Best of Class Consultative Selling

Guided Selling includes best practice digital sales scripts for every financial goal. Consumers progress step-by-step through the right questions to arrive at their best- fit solution. Whether working alone on a mobile device or side-by-side with a banker, customers experience the same optimized buying experience and consistent product recommendations. Clients can deploy scripts out-of-the box or easily make adjustments.

Data-Driven Recommendations

Information presented by Guided Selling is dynamically data driven, so the choices a consumer sees are unique to their needs. Recommendations are based on your institutions’s unique product offering and decisioning rules. Guided Selling can automatically reflect updates to product data or rate tables. This flexibility and personalization ensures you always offer the most relevant and timely product advice

Multiple Lines of Business

You can implement Guided Selling across multiple lines of business.  Guided Selling serves consumers interested in mortgages, deposits and consumer finance. With 16 proven, goal-oriented dialogs the breadth of Leadfusion’s Guided Selling offering ensures that your institution can provide a consistent and compelling online experience for consumers across all areas of financial need.

Responsive, Configurable & Accessible

Guided Selling includes a modern and fully responsive user interface optimized for touch-driven devices. Rich branding capabilities and configuration options give your team full creative control over the presentation of the consumer experience. Guided Selling also complies with important ADA and accessibility standards across all devices.