Premium Email

Grow customer wallet share.

Financial Service email works:

20% of people receiving marketing-oriented financial emails obtain a financial service as result

Compared To

3% average conversion rate across industries

Send the right message at the right time.

If most financial purchases are considered for up to 30 days, what are you doing to keep offers in front of consumers for the 98% of time they are not visiting your website?

During this consideration period, consumers research and investigate offers from several financial institutions. Premium Email provides you with an easy way to stay in front of in-market consumers with timely and relevant email marketing campaigns.

It can all happen automatically. When powered by Leadfusion’s Enterprise Gateway technology, Premium Email allows marketers to design custom email campaigns that are automatically triggered by individual consumer behaviors from your website, online banking system, data warehouse, call center or retail branch. Premium Email is a cost effective vehicle for enhancing the consumer experience with customer acquisition, on-boarding, service activation, cross-selling and retention opportunities.

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Behaviorally Triggered Emails
Email Fulfillment & Rate Alerts
Easy Assembly and Personalization
Collect & Build House File

Behaviorally Triggered Emails

Premium Email works through the concept of an Email Track, an adaptable series of email communications that deliver messages to in-market leads over a defined time period. Consumers are automatically placed on an Email Track following a triggering occasion, such as a website visit, calculator use, account enrollment or service activation.

Based on these triggers, Premium Email sends messages relevant to each consumer.. The follow-up communications a consumer receives will automatically adapt based on their response to emails received along the way.

Email Fulfillment & Rate Alerts

With Premium Email’s fulfillment capability, you can respond electronically to consumer requests for information such as product specifications, forms and applications, promotional materials and financial tool results. Premium Email facilitates immediate delivery for results from your customers’ interactions with other CUSTOMERfirst products or with any other touch point in your online or offline environments.

Premium Email’s automated rate alert functionality supports your efforts for increasing lead capture and maintaining dialogue with rate conscious consumers. Premium Email includes on-demand communication of both loan and deposit product rates to in-market consumers.

Easy Assembly and Personalization

Premium Email includes an administrative console, known as Control Center, to facilitate easy email creation. Control Center enables your marketers to store a library of digital assets to manage the look and feel of messaging for brand consistency.

Your marketers can further personalize email messages using information gathered from capture forms or passed directly to Premium Email. Premium Email’s support of extensive capture form functionality and web-services system-to-system interfaces is designed to collect email addresses during a consumer’s website visit or to accept data that passed to Premium Email from an institution’s database.

Collect & Build House File

In addition to providing a convenience to your customers, Premium Email helps you collect opted-in addresses for future use. Premium Email can serve as the centerpiece for building your email house file, as it helps you identify previously anonymous website visitors and establish a means for ongoing communication with these prospects.

Provided a consumer has opted-in to receive additional messaging, addresses collected with Premium Email can be sent subsequent materials directly from other CUSTOMERfirst products or from a third party email package using the address export capability.