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Attract and identify in-market leads.

9 out of 10 consumers go online to conduct their initial research into financial options. Premium Financial Tools can help build your institution’s reputation as a trusted resource for responding to consumers’ financial needs. In the process, you collect high quality lead data from in-market consumers and you have the ability to direct prospects to the appropriate next steps in your sales process.

Premium Financial Tools help you attract potential customers to your website and provide visitors with the interactive educational content they seek. Our industry-leading Financial Experience Management solutions offer highly accurate online financial calculators and educational content spanning more than 155 topics within 18 categories. Premium Financial Tools include next generation UI/UX responsive design that provides an optimized user experience across the entire gamut of consumer devices. Maximum branding flexibility allows you to create a unique consumer experience with minimal development.

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Responsive Design
Custom Branding
Calls to Action
Data Persistence & Integration

Responsive Design

Leadfusion’s RESPONSE interface for Premium Financial Tools introduces state-of-the-art UI/UX design for increased usability and engagement. RESPONSE includes finger-friendly controls and a clean, modern layout that is optimized for both touch driven devices, like tablets and smartphones, and traditional desktop and mobile systems.

Responsive design techniques allow Premium Financial Tools to sense available display areas and format the interface for an optimal device specific experience. This eases the burden of multi-device support for your financial institution and ensures your customers enjoy a superior experience across devices.

Custom Branding

Premium Financial Tools are powered by Leadfusion’s unique OpenDesign Branding (ODB) functionality. ODB gives our customers the ability to provide your own highly interactive and media-rich consumer experience with rapid deployment and inexpensive implementation.

Licensed Premium Financial Tools users can easily customize calculator design elements to match the look and feel of your existing website. ODB also supports key Web 2.0 features including: sliders for input control, animated page transitions, interactive error messages and AJAX functionality. With Premium Financial Tools, designers use industry standard coding to create a customized consumer researching experience that differentiates from competitor offerings.

Calls to Action

Premium Financial Tools can accelerate your sales funnel by guiding prospects towards the appropriate buying activities as defined by their calculator data inputs.

Premium Financial Tools can be configured with pre-defined segmentation rules that drive real-time calls to action. Designated next steps zones within the calculators serve up dynamic next-steps content based on segmentation.  You can direct consumers towards any number of actions, including: reviewing additional product information, initiating an online chat, researching a specific promotion, calling to speak with an agent or beginning the online application process.

Data Persistence & Integration

Premium Financial Tools ensure that you do not ask consumers the same question twice. Premium Financial Tools store calculator inputs in a high performance database for immediate recall when a consumer returns to your website. Data retention periods are adjustable according to your business objectives.

Additionally, all Leadfusion CUSTOMERfirst solutions share a common data model. So information entered into one tool is used to establish default values in all other products with which that consumer may engage