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Triggered Email Finding a Home in Financial Services Leadfusion EMAIL Adoption grows in 2007

San Diego, CA (Wednesday, February 27, 2008)– The adoption of Leadfusion EMAIL grew significantly in the financial services industry in 2007, as financial firms identified trigger-based marketing as a way to effectively adopt email marketing practices in an industry where brands are heavily protected and where most financial products are “considered purchases” that take time to evaluate, select and validate.

Trigger-based marketing creates messaging strategies around consumer events, actions or behaviors that indicate a consumer is “in-market” for a financial product or service and delivers highly relevant offers and information throughout the consumer’s buying cycle. Since email messages are connected to a consumer’s action, they are seen as helpful and relevant. Statistics across users of Leadfusion EMAIL indicate that consumers are much more receptive to triggered email, with open rates two and a half times the industry norm and response rates that are more than ten times higher.

Leadfusion EMAIL Outperforms Traditional Email 10 to 1:

From August 2007 through October 2007, Leadfusion analyzed the aggregated response data from all of its customer campaigns for both Email Tracks triggered by consumer events, actions or behavior and scheduled email campaigns, those delivered to a specific list of consumers on a calendar basis. Aggregate response data showed that triggered email campaigns achieved open rates of 42.2%, compared to scheduled email campaigns which obtained open rates of 18.6%. According to a 2007 eMarketer report, standard industry open rates are 16.7%. Response rates showed an even more dramatic difference, with triggered campaigns achieving a response rate of 11.5% compared to 1.2% for scheduled campaigns and 0.8% standard response rates per a Direct Marketing Association 2007 report.

Triggered email campaigns were consistent across all areas, including Auto Lending, Home Equity Line of Credit, CD, Credit Card and Mortgage products. Companies that have adopted Leadfusion EMAIL and Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT for trigger-based email communication programs include:

  • Affinity Federal Credit Union
  • America First Credit Union
  • Community First Credit Union of Florida Credit Union
  • Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Educators Credit Union
  • GTE Federal Credit Union
  • Harris
  • Mountain America Credit Union
  • New Mexico Educators Federal
  • People’s Bank
  • Sovereign Bank

“Financial services firms have discovered that by adopting Leadfusion’s trigger-based marketing solutions they are able to accomplish more with less by automating campaigns to capture, cultivate and convert in-market consumers. This is particularly important in this time of heightened sensitivity to cost and marketing efficiency.” said Christopher Cunningham, Leadfusion’s CEO. “Most of our customers have gone live with Leadfusion EMAIL in less than sixty days, providing immediate value, quick success and a return on investment in under six months.”

About Leadfusion, Inc.

Leadfusion, Inc. is an eMarketing software company serving financial service providers since 1995. Leadfusion software solutions capture, cultivate and convert online leads, increasing the sale of financial products and services. Over 250 financial institutions, including 36 of the top 50 banks, two of the top three insurance companies use Leadfusion eMarketing solutions. The company has corporate headquarters in San Diego, California.