CUSTOMERfirst is a fully integrated platform, sharing information across its calculator, educator, guided selling, email, and banker collaboration modules while gaining customer insight and streamlining the customer experience.

  • No-Code, Low-Code, or Highly Customized Implementation – as your business requires

  • Choose Your Preferred Implementation Method – full support for iframes, embedded script, and API

  • Ongoing Advisory Business Reviews – included with every license

  • Salesforce® – runs in Salesforce with full data integration for use in the branch or call center environment
  • Robust Email Platform – keep customers engaged through their multi-moment, multi-channel journey
  • Unlimited Styling and Design Flexibility – no limitation on styling, quickly style to meet any design objective, from the simple to most sophisticated
  • ADA Compliant – certified ADA developers, latest WCAG and ARIA standards
  • Multi-language – support for Hispanic and other communities
  • Common Visitor Profile – across the full platform
  • SEO Optimized – full SEO attribution with ongoing monitoring
  • Open Interfaces for Secure Integration – OAO/LOS, CRM, SFA, OLB, Tags, etc.


Premium Financial Tools (PFT) include calculators, traffic drivers, mini-tools, educators, fulfilment email, and banker locator for initial engagement with your customer.


Guided Selling (GS) brings products, rates, external data, and other resources together in an easy-to-use tool for customers to compare and select the right product as they apply.


BankXpert builds upon the self-service power of PFT and GS with a host of additional capabilities specifically for bankers to use in the collaborative selling environment of the branch, call center, or field.

CU Xpert

The power of BankXpert for credit unions.


Premium Email brings powerful triggered email options to all CUSTOMERfirst modules, ensuring your offer and brand are always top-of-mind as customers make their purchase decisions.


Advisory Business Reviews (ABR) provide additional value through formalized ongoing insight and recommendations to ensure you are always delivering the most compelling pre-sales experience for your customer.

  • Included with Every License – expert analysis and guidance with biannual reviews and benchmarking
  • Implementation & Best Practices – ongoing recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Competitive Trends – stay current with the latest best practices in digital financial engagement
  • Peer and Market Comparison – understand your performance relative to your peer group