Leadfusion’s CUSTOMERfirst® platform drives revenue by engaging consumers across channels and devices in the critical stages leading up to conversion. Higher consumer engagement at this point of maximum impact leads to higher conversion rates, better quality applications, increased brand loyalty and share of wallet.

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CUSTOMERfirst Platform

The CUSTOMERfirst platform includes Premium Email, Premium Financial Tools, Guided Selling and Branch Selling products, designed to operate independently or as a single integrated solution that engages consumers through all stages of their financial experience.

Premium Email

Premium Email grows customer wallet share by keeping your brand top-of-mind with in-market consumers beyond their time on your website or at the branch or call center. Triggered by individual consumer behaviors across channels, Premium Email automates timely and relevant marketing campaigns that lead to conversion.

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Guided Selling

Guided Selling drives revenue across channels by directing customers to the most relevant product options. With personalized goal consultations and product evaluation tools, Guided Selling transforms the corporate website into best-practice selling platform.

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Premium Financial Tools

Premium Financial Tools attract and identify your best in-market leads by providing trusted answers to consumers’ financial questions. With a wide array of online financial calculators and educational content, Premium Financial Tools are branded for your institution and integrated into your multi-device digital experience.

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BankXpert Enterprise

BankXpert and CU Xpert increase sales production and foot traffic in branches while lowering the ongoing cost of training and turnover. With a powerful set of collaborative sales tools, BankXpert makes it easy to deliver a superior consultative selling experience that guides customers to an ideal financial solution.

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