Published On: February 6th, 2021

Getting The Best Return From Your SEO Investment

Organic search results are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, improve brand awareness, and drive new account openings. This is especially true as more and more consumers live a digital-first life. Improving ranking in search engines (search engine optimization or SEO) has often been cast as a ‘mysterious art’ involving special incantations and secrets known to but a select few. The truth is, Google and other search engines want consumers to find you if you are offering relevant and useful content. So what’s the secret?

The best advice to improve your search engine ranking is this: create an interactive and engaging website while avoiding self-inflicted wounds. Creating a great website means tools and content that are meaningful, interactive, engaging, and presented in the right context for the user. As always, content is king and great well-organized and presented content is one of the most important factors to improve your score. An interactive and engaging tool in proper context will always score far higher and contribute much more to your overall ranking.

What is a self-inflicted wound? Simply put, avoid rookie mistakes. For example, if you are in a market that has a high percentage of Spanish language consumers, failure to offer native Spanish tools will count against you. Similarly, limited ADA compliance, poor operation on mobile devices, or simply omitting rich interactive tools and content may all decrease your score. Finally, it is important that tools and content are implemented in such a manner as to ensure proper attribution to your website and institution.

Leadfusion’s CUSTOMERfirst® offering with its wide selection of pre-sales engagement tools are the perfect way to improve your search engine ranking. Higher rankings mean driving more customers to your site and then moving them through to an application. To learn more about how Leadfusion can help with your search engine ranking, contact us at or 1.877.205.9825 to schedule a consultation.

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