Published On: March 30th, 2007

Leadfusion Announces a New Version of Its Lead Generation Platform

Leadfusion will release an upgrade to our J2EE platform that includes new features and benefits for both you and the consumers who access Leadfusion CALCULATORS and Classic Calculators from your website. We’d like to take a few moments of your time to describe these improvements to you.

New Look for Control Center

The first change you will notice is an improved look to our self-service administration tool, Control Center. To offer you a better experience, we’ve made changes to nearly every page. They include:

  • All utilities and navigational menus feature an updated, consistent look.
  • Reports and other utilities are easier to use.
  • Improved navigation makes it easier to find the utilities you use most.
  • “At a Glance” reports on main menu pages give a quick look at Leadfusion CALCULATORS and Leadfusion EMAIL metrics.
  • All features have been fully tested against Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
  • Control Center pages load more quickly.

In addition, we’ve also added online help to answer common questions about most utilities.

The location of Control Center is unchanged and you can continue to access it with your existing login and password. To help familiarize yourself with the new Control Center, feel free to review a Webinar that we’ve prepared for your convenience.

Updated Retirement Planner

We’ve upgraded our powerful Retirement Planner to be easier to use and to provide improved interoperability with other calculators. This version provides more attractive navigation buttons along with a new “Go To” button which allows consumers to jump to any page in the planner. This enhancement allows consumers to try additional scenarios easily and review the information they’ve provided. Additionally, this new version of the planner works on our J2EE platform, allowing it to be managed through Control Center, share user-provided data with other calculators, and operate more quickly. Leadfusion EMAIL or Leadfusion EMAIL FULFILLMENT customers may enable the planner to allow consumers to email themselves Retirement Planner results.

If you currently license the Leadfusion Retirement Planner, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Our customer support team will contact you to assist you with the transition, which will require a change to the link consumers will use to access the planner.

The updated Retirement Planner will be accessible on the website following the March 31, 2007 release.

If you have any questions or comments about Leadfusion Release 2.2, feel free to contact Leadfusion Customer Support at 1-877-208-5900 or

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