Published On: April 11th, 2007

Leadfusion Announces Traffic Driver Toolkit

Leadfusion is pleased to announce the availability of a new Traffic Driver Toolkit that licensees of Leadfusion CALCULATORS can use to easily setup “Traffic Drivers” to financial calculators on their website.

With over 47% of new financial product research occurring online, it is important for financial services sites to guide consumers to relevant financial calculators on their website, bring them into their ‘path to purchase’, help them answer their financial questions and direct them to take the ‘next step’ towards conversion. Traffic Drivers are the first step in the path and are placed on home pages, product pages and other high traffic areas to grab the attention of product researchers.

The Traffic Driver Toolkit, linked from within Leadfusion’s password protected Control Center, provides an overview of Traffic Driver benefits and detailed instructions on how to implement them on your website. It also provides a library of sample code for 27 different traffic drivers that require only branding changes and the addition of a SiteID and TrackIt tracking gif to get up and running. By adding SiteID and TrackIt tags to the Traffic Driver, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of the Traffic Driver and Leadfusion CALCULATOR through the Leadfusion Lead Report.

The Traffic Driver toolkit was designed to allow licensees of Leadfusion CALCULATORS and Classic Calculators to get Traffic Drivers up and running on their website with minimal effort and resources. We hope you take advantage of this new resource and use the Traffic Driver Toolkit to build your ‘path to purchase’ for consumer’s researching financial products at your website.

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