Published On: February 23rd, 2011

Leadfusion Awarded Trademark for Financial Experience Management®

Establishing the Model for Financial Institutions to Deliver Compelling Online Consumer Experiences

Leadfusion, a long-time leader in financial technology, today announced its trademark for Financial Experience Management. This classification marks the latest validation of Leadfusion’s pioneering role in serving the financial industry.

“Under the umbrella of Financial Experience Management, Leadfusion delivers the unique combination of solutions necessary to create compelling, interactive experiences for the financial consumer while minimizing the need for expensive and risky development projects,” said Christopher Cunningham, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our financial institution customers use Leadfusion’s products to build trusted relationships and long term brand loyalty.”

Financial Experience Management (FEM) describes the tools and processes a financial institution uses to produce an authentic online experience that creates personal value for consumers, drives conversion, and enhances the corporate brand. FEM is the next generation CRM for financial services, allowing consumers to self-educate and self-sell through their considered purchase cycle. Financial institutions deploy FEM solutions to reassure and validate consumers throughout the consideration cycle by presenting relevant research tools, timely marketing communications, and guided selling interactions.

Leadfusion’s FEM suite consists of Researching, Marketing, and Selling Solutions designed to operate independently or as a single integrated solution. Leadfusion’s FEM suite enriches all stages of the consumers’ experience from engagement through advocacy.

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