Published On: October 14th, 2010

Leadfusion Introduces Guided Selling® at Finovate

An Interactive Online Platform to Help Consumers Select Financial Products

Leadfusion announces its latest innovation, Guided Selling, a revolutionary new platform that brings together in one place, researching tools, educational content and product information to help financial consumers self-select the product that is right for them. By uniting the researching and selling processes into a goal-oriented, online consumer workbench, Guided Selling increases and accelerates conversion for financial institutions.

Leadfusion launched Guided Selling with a live demo in front of more than 650 financial industry leaders at FinovateFall last week. “Leadfusion’s new Guided Selling platform is innovating on an essential element — the product information table — of a financial institution’s website,” said Eric Mattson, CEO of Finovate. “It’s an area that’s ripe for new approaches that leverage new technologies to create more customized, powerful and effective user experiences — and drive results.”

Guided Selling addresses the key financial services industry need for helping consumers make sense of complex products. It does so by providing an engaging online experience that presents consumers with personalized product information and interactive tools that help users select from relevant product options. By empowering consumers to own their product decisions, Guided Selling increases conversion rates and accelerates the financial product purchase process.

Guided Selling is delivered as a SaaS platform that extends across multiple lines of business including mortgages, deposits and consumer finance. Leadfusion customers control branding, layouts and the presentation of the Guided Selling consumer experience. This approach ensures financial institution customers maintain brand integrity, while enjoying a rapid time to market, low risk deployment and affordability relative to the alternative of attempting to build similar functionality from the ground up.

Guided Selling is the latest addition to Leadfusion’s Financial Experience Management® (FEM) suite of products. The FEM suite consists of Researching, Marketing, and Selling Solutions designed to operate independently or as a single integrated platform. Patent-pending FEM solutions accelerate conversion, turning prospects into customers and customers into loyal advocates.