Published On: August 8th, 2013

Leadfusion Unveils RESPONSE Interface for Premium Financial Tools

Next Generation UI/UX Design for the Industry’s Leading Financial Tools

Leadfusion today announced its new RESPONSE interface for Premium Financial Tools. RESPONSE is a full reimagining of the consumer interface for Premium Financial Tools that increases usability and engagement while easing the burden of multi-device support for financial institutions.

With large finger-friendly controls and a clean modern layout, RESPONSE is optimized for use on today’s touch driven devices such as tablets and smartphones and works equally well on traditional desktop systems. Using responsive design techniques, RESPONSE senses the available display area and formats the interface for an optimal device-specific experience. This approach allows the financial institution to have a single instance that offers a superior experience across the entire gamut of consumer devices.

RESPONSE includes exclusive innovations such as its Answer-First design approach. Answer-First puts a pro forma answer in front of the consumer before requiring any input and then invites the consumer to refine the answer to better meet their personal circumstance. Pro forma answers can be driven by consumer-specific criteria, business rules, or global defaults. “The Answer-First design approach was selected for its proven higher engagement and usability levels,” said Matt Kojis, Senior Product Manager for Leadfusion, adding, “RESPONSE incorporates the best UI/UX design principles from both inside and outside of the financial services industry.”

In addition to Answer-First, some RESPONSE tools provide a unique ability to work backward from the answer the consumer wants. Commenting on this feature Mr. Kojis said, “The ability to work backward from a desired answer is innovative and makes the interaction feel more app-like. The consumer doesn’t have to leave the tool to examine their financial question from a different perspective. Consumers have an expectation of self-service interaction that has been defined by custom applications on smart phones and similar devices. With RESPONSE, we’ve exceeded that expectation in the context of highly-portable HTML.”

RESPONSE is fully white labeled for the institution and offers more branding and customization alternatives through CSS than ever before. RESPONSE was built with accessibility in mind, targeting both level AA compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and WAI-ARIA. It also includes new opportunities for integration into the selling or application workflow. “We are very pleased to add RESPONSE to the many interface options available to our Premium Financial Tool customers,” said Mr. Kojis.