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Platformification? Embedded Banking? Banking as a Service?


There’s been much written in the financial press in the past few years about platformification (an open banking platform that allows producers and consumers to connect, interact, and [...]

Platformification? Embedded Banking? Banking as a Service?2021-09-14T00:28:57+08:00

Tailored Financial Experiences for Different Touch Points


Did you know that the same Leadfusion solution is quickly configured for a wide variety of touch points? A comprehensive tool may be best suited for customer engagement further [...]

Tailored Financial Experiences for Different Touch Points2021-09-14T22:07:34+08:00

Regional Sales Representative


We are looking for a Regional Sales Director to join Leadfusion’s team of talented professionals in San Diego. This role will identify and acquire new clients, add value to existing [...]

Regional Sales Representative2021-09-10T21:47:06+08:00

“Generation I” Seeks Advice, Guidance


Many first-time investors - of all ages - came into the market in 2020 flush with stimulus cash and seeking higher returns. Some have chased GameStop, crypto currencies, [...]

“Generation I” Seeks Advice, Guidance2021-09-01T18:25:40+08:00

Does Your Website Speak ESPAÑOL?


These days, a Spanish-language website is more of a necessity than ever before. Several large financial institutions announced significant initiatives last year to provide economic opportunity and affordable housing to [...]

Does Your Website Speak ESPAÑOL?2021-09-07T15:33:07+08:00

In Pursuit of Revenue


In December, McKinsey & Company’s Global Banking Annual Review observed that the coming challenges to the banking industry due to COVID will be presented in two stages. In [...]

In Pursuit of Revenue2021-09-07T15:22:39+08:00

Getting The Best Return From Your SEO Investment


Organic search results are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, improve brand awareness, and drive new account openings. This is especially true as more and [...]

Getting The Best Return From Your SEO Investment2021-09-10T21:55:37+08:00

Rate Drop Creates Tidal Wave of Inbound Mortgage Customers


Lower rates are often good news for fee income, as it spurs new home buying and a wave of refinancing. However, this time it's different: lending standards are [...]

Rate Drop Creates Tidal Wave of Inbound Mortgage Customers2021-08-24T22:37:16+08:00

Are You Receiving Maximum SEO Credit?


While you always receive full search engine optimization (SEO) credit for all Leadfusion solutions integrated into your website or other searchable digital properties, your implementation strategy may be preventing [...]

Are You Receiving Maximum SEO Credit?2021-08-24T23:06:10+08:00
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